Gerber Knives l Different Variety of Gerber Knives

The fundamentals of the high-quality, reliable Gerber knife will continue to remain constant. A well-made Gerber fixed blade knife suitable for your hunting needs will make your next hunting trip fruitful and rewarding. Here are some of the varieties of Gerber knives:

Folding Knives:

For most hunting trips, folding blade knives are strong and durable enough for the tasks at hand. Folding knives do just as the name implies - the blade folds into the handle, protecting the blade and the user from cutting themselves and reducing the overall size of the knife. There are two main types of folding knives - lock-backs and pocketknives.

Lock-Back Folding Blades:

Lock-back folding blades have nearly the same strength and durability of fixed blade knives but have the added benefit of being safer and easier to pack. Many lock-back knives allow for one hand operation making it easier to use when you are all alone or juggling multiple pieces of equipment. Lock-back blades are also much safer - their blade locking mechanism ensures that the blade will not flip back unexpectedly cutting the user.

Pocket Knives:

Pocketknives are usually more versatile than lock-back or fixed-blade knives. They are more compact, easy to carry and, if purchased from a reputable brand can provide all the strength needed to skin or gut game.